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Expert Credit Management Nationwide

Your sales, cash flow, and profitability are only as good as the management of the credit function of your company! 

With today’s economy, extraordinary health care costs, and lack of qualified personnel, growing your company may seem out of reach or you may simply be operating in a survivor mode environment.

CORE Strategies has solutions to take the worry out of your cash flow needs and help you achieve the best results and ideal solutions for your company, employees and yourself. GUARANTEED!

Regardless of the industry or product that our clients work in or sell, we provide expert help and assistance in every aspect of credit management; taking our clients to optimal levels with services such as our Credit WatchDog™ service which is state of the art and cutting edge.

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We have a full suite of business solutions that fits what you need to grow your business and increase sales. And what differs us from others; we take the credit function and make it an extension of sales. Our philosophy is that credit management should be a help, not a determent to sales.

At CORE Strategies, everything we do is designed to increase cash flow, decrease bad debt, increase sales and improve profits. Whether your client is placing an order for the first time, seeking a larger credit limit, open terms, or they may be a high risk customer, we have the best solutions for all the credit issues that you face.

Our portfolio of clients consists of small companies, medium sized companies and fortune 100 companies; treating each client with the exact business solutions they need/needed. The industries we have served and now service varies from manufacturing, distributors, wholesalers, service providers and more. Whether it is approving orders for our clients, or assisting them in their accounts receivable, our clients know us and fully rely on our experience, professionalism, and pro-active approach.

  • Over $9 billion in processed and approved orders for our clients
  • Less than 360K in bad debt in over 25 years
  • Less than .0000001% in lost orders due to adverse Credit decisions
  • Helped increase sales by 35% in one year for  a client through a sales incentive program we designed
  • Credit decisions made within minutes
  • Worked to rehabilitate customers rather than charge them off

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Providing Services: Nationwide and Worldwide

Logo, Credit Collections in Wichita, KS
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